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zanzibar hotel resort beach
Chapwani zanzibar hotel beach resort

From snorkelling instruction to bar services, our team is on hand to ensure you enjoy the beach in comfort and safety. 

The beach at Chapwani is wonderful and is perfect for relaxing and exploring the water.

zanzibar hotel resort beach
zanzibar hotel resort beach pool

Our pool offers even more space for swimming and relaxing, as an alternative to the beach. The swimming pool is filled with sea salt water so as to not disturb the ecosystem of the island.


Situated in a splendid palm grove overlooking the sea gives you the possibility to dive in even during low tide  and to relax whilst enjoying a sea breeze.

zanzibar hotel resort beach sea

Snorkelling is like deciding to enter another world; the coral reef, a natural wonder to be protected and preserved, forms an eco-system that must be explored even with just a mask, flippers and tube, which are provided by the staff free of charge.
The underwater world is within the reach of everyone, whether beginners or experts. The unique marine species, the bright colours of the reef, the total silence of the deep seas are among the fascinating attractions of the immersion places in Zanzibar.


If you are not an expert and you don't love snorkeling you can still admire the beauty of the reef. During low tide you can walk to the adjacent Snake Island and along the way you can admire starfish, hermit crabs and small fish.


The landscape around Chapwani is beautiful and varied, the sea is usually calm making kayaking activity suitable not only to experts but also for beginners and the whole family.

zanzibar hotel resort beach kayak
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