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zanzibar hotel resort massage
Chapwani zanzibar hotel beach resort

Relax muscles and mind with unforgettable massages using oils and local essences to caress mind and body.

Chapwani zanzibar hotel resort massage

The massages on the beach at sunrise or sunset are performed at maximum spread of the electromagnetic potential of the sun. The sun is a powerful source of energy and massage through them you can pick up his energy and rebalance vital energy throughout the body.
These are movements that help to stretch the muscles, re-activate the metabolism, make a gentle massage of the internal organs, savor the peace for a few minutes and begin or end your day with a smile.
At sunrise and sunset the atmosphere radiates charm magic, and those who let themselves be transported by the moments of meditation will find a just peace for their senses, completely immersed in the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Enjoy the sound of the Indian Ocean, the cool night breeze and this gentle ritual.


A gentle breeze touches the skin and experienced hands take care of your body: let yourself be pampered in the spa area overlooking the sea. Chapwani's relaxing massages finds harmony with your body.

Chapwani zanzibar hotel resort massage
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