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zanzibar hotel resort beach
Chapwani zanzibar hotel beach resort

The Chapwani experience extends far beyond your room. A welcome cocktail fruit, a manager at your disposal to satisfy your requests, we take care of you throughout your visity.

In Chapwani the flexibility and politeness of the staff, means you will have an unforgettable stay.
For any travelling, you can use our free service – there is a boat every morning at 10 which leaves the island for Zanzibar Town and comes back at 13.30. If you would prefer to be more free and autonomous we can organise transport at other times during the day, with a slight fee.

We have the possibility to show you the real and more authentic Zanzibar, where sea and land join together in a unique blend of colours and perfumes. Whether you are in the water, on a sand dune, on the beach, among the historical dwellings of stone Town or immersed in the fragrances of the Street of the Spices, you will be able to enjoy the never-ending beauties this land holds in store for you.

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